Will Empower Brand Identity


This has been one of my favorite projects to work on and I couldn’t be more happy with the way it turned out.

Located in historic Old Towne Orange, Will Empower - also known as WE - is a life coaching company that is determined to help students face life with competency, character and the will to succeed. The founder, who is a great friend of mine, came to me to develop a brand for WE that is lively and intriguing upon first look and that anyone could identify with, no matter how old they are.

Using bold colors and recognizable imagery, the result is an identity that captures the student and mentor relationship: passing the torch of enlightenment onto another. The founder and I have been working thoroughly over the past few months to develop the WE brand; the following is a look at the creation of it.



Preliminary sketches of the logo. Getting my ideas on paper is a crucial part of my development process.

One of my favorite things about the WE logo is it’s capability of being adapted in different ways. I created the logo so that it could be disassembled and each singular piece can be used effectively on it’s own, still carrying out the identity. This way it can be extended across all areas of the branding, which you can see in places like the stationery.

The WE stationery.


Two business cards put together form the logo. Symbolizing the student and mentor relationship. 

An online presence was also developed. I designed and built the coming soon page: willempower.com


developed an email letter as well that gets sent to people who submit their info on the site, thanking them for their interest.

I’m really excited to see how this identity does for Will Empower. It’s been really great to help build a company from day one. The founder and the company have so much potential and are definitely bringing something new and effective to the area of life coaching. I’m still working with them on developing the rest of the brand, so look for more work to come. Follow WE on Twitter or like them on Facebook, exciting things are coming!

See detailed images of this project here

- Jack